About the Green party

Green urban development

A green, vibrant and healthy city doesn’t build itself. It’s created through planning, hard choices, and requirements for urban developers. Together, we want to shift Oslo in a greener direction, which will make the city warmer and more inclusive. A strong Green Party will make a difference.

We want a city where schools and kindergartens are within walking or biking distance from your home. We want safe bicycle paths and green urban spaces, residential areas free from traffic noise and air pollution, and a diversity of cultural expressions. Our green capital should be a good and safe place to grow up, live and grow old.

A strong advocate for the environment

The Green Party puts quality of life and sustainability ahead of short-sighted economic growth, and we aren’t afraid to ask hard questions about what direction Norway should head in. To us, Norwegian politics aren’t a question of red (socialist) versus blue (conservative); the real divide is between green and grey. This makes us a party free from ties to political clusters and alliances — a party that puts the environment ahead of everything else.

After the election, we will enter negotiations with the other parties. We will collaborate with whomever supports our policies of lower greenhouse gas emissions, improving public transport and facilitating green urban development. By using any swing vote position to prioritise the environment, we ensure you get the most environmentally-friendly policies out of your vote.

The Greens want to:

  • Build safe bicycle paths across the entire city
  • Use less space for cars and invest more money in public transportation
  • Make Oslo carbon neutral without purchasing emission permits
  • Support a diverse and vibrant art scene
  • Provide green and accessible urban spaces for everyone
  • Give the city boroughs greater authority and improved finances